BENU is a creative brand of writing instruments and desk accessories designed and handcrafted in the company’s own Moscow-based production facilities in Russia. Our team of designers and artisans takes great care to create highly unusual writing instruments that have a unique character and an instantly recognizable look.


We produce our pens from a high quality resin of different colors with glossy, pearlescent or jewel-dazzling star effect. To ensure one of a kind look we prepare resin for each pen separately, carefully matching colors by hand.  All BENU fountain pens have high quality JoWo or Bock stainless steel nibs supplied by SCHMIDT Technology GmbH.


To produce our pens we use only nontoxic high-quality material. Prior to assembling each part of a pen is a subject to a series of technical and mechanical inspections to verify its accuracy. Before being dispatched from the workshop, pens undergo a final control covering both visual and functional aspects. We only allow pens that meet the highest quality requirements to be shipped to our customers.

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