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BENU is a successful producer of conceptual, high-quality writing instruments. The brand has a strong following and now sells products globally. We are looking for like-minded websites and bloggers to join our affiliate program. We look forward to working with you and building a mutually beneficial relationship based on our products and your entrepreneurial spirit.

BENU Affiliate Program Information 
Become a member of the affiliate program and earn every time a visitor from your site makes a purchase on the BENU website within 365 days.  As a member of the program you’ll be provided with all the tools you need, from links to our site to online reports.

Program Details:

  • 10% commission for every sale made through your site

  • Links and Ads provided

  • 365 day cookie period 

  • Real time reporting and tracking 

How It Works:
The BENU affiliate program allows you to generate additional revenue from your website by placing a link or a banner on your website.  When a visitor to your website clicks on a link or a banner and buys something from, you will be rewarded with a commission for that sale and any subsequent sales that person makes online within a 365 day period of the first purchase.

How to Join
To host BENU affiliate program, we have partnered with Post Affiliate Pro, the leading solution provider trusted by more than 27000 companies worldwide.  Post Affiliate Pro will ensure your commission payments are paid regularly and will help you with any queries you have.
Signing up is simple and free. After we receive your application, we will review your website and contact you to let you know the outcome of your inquiry. If you have any questions about the BENU Affiliate Program, please contact us at 





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