Step 1
Preparing the Gold Paint: Making paint from real gold requires time, patience and skill of course. We use fine 24-karat gold leaf to forge this delicate handmade gold paint.
Step 2
Small hand movements for more than two hours ensure thorough mixing of the gold with Gum Arabic.
Step 3
Preparing the Egg Tempera: We hand mill each mineral pigment with a binding medium using a crystal paint grinding stone on matte glass.
Step 4
The resulting tempera is collected using a palette-knife and transferred to a glass container. We repeat the process all over again for every color that needs to be used in the design.
Step 5
Painting the Fountain Pen: Now starts the delicate process of painting. First, the tempera is applied using a Kolinsky sable brush.
Step 6
Around five days after applying the tempera, the golden layer can be finally applied.
Step 7
The design is painted along with the serial number of the pen.
Step 8
Gold Polishing: To reveal the distinctive metallic gloss of the golden paint, the surface of the fountain pen is polished using an Agate polishing burnisher.
Step 9
Finishing Touches: The fountain pen is almost ready for final assembly. It is washed with several layers of varnish and then ground and polished by hand.
Step 10
Final Assembling: Voila! A true masterpiece is born.
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Take a look at the process of painting BENU’s Golden Flame fountain pens. The process is not only laborious but also demands high levels of technical expertise and craftsmanship. The best part is it’s also mesmerizing to watch.

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