Fountain pen

Peacock Ore


Inspiration and substance added to the material of the pen:

Peacock Ore

Magical attribution ascribed in myths:

Happiness and Creativity

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Dating back to 1725, for its occurrence in the Krušné Horny Mountains (Erzgebirge), Peacock Ore, or Bornite, is one of nature’s most colorful minerals. The stone displays a spectacular iridescent tarnish effect with the colors similar to the bird it is named after by ancient miners. The specific colors vary with each mineral specimen - there are blues, greens, and combinations of both, creating a visual delight! Those who believe in the healing powers of this mineral call it the “stone of happiness”. Believed to head us in positive directions and help channel happiness onto others, crystal enthusiasts claim this to be a truly uplifting stone. Thanks to its rainbow colored tarnish, Peacock Ore is also said to inspire creativity and artistic vision.

As a copper and iron mineral, many crystal fans attribute the power of Peacock Ore to the metaphysical proprieties of both metals. In mythology and alchemy, copper was associated with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and passion. Iron, on the other hand, was a metal of Mars, the God of War, associated with strength and power. The union of Venus and Mars held greater appeal for philosophers, mystics and alchemists that often used both metals in rituals. Alchemists believed that the metals held the same virtue as the corresponding deity; that a single spirit infused planets and metals with the same energy the deity represented. Thus, those who use stones and minerals in their spiritual practices believe Peacock Ore reconciles and amalgamates the opposing male and female energies, war and love, beauty and brutality, and discipline and pleasure. This amalgamation makes Peacock Ore the mineral of balance and satisfaction.

Tantra adepts and Kundalini Yoga practitioners also believe that Peacock Ore is the strongest stone among the minerals with balancing properties known to align your Chakras (energy points in the body). It is said that the stone will first cleanse and balance each chakra individually, and then align the entire physical body with that of your energy body. The practitioners recommend keeping Peacock Ore above one’s third eye (the space between the eyebrows) during mediation, to help awaken inner vision. Many meditators claim that Peacock Ore can help to not only rediscover long-forgotten memories and knowledge, but also to acquaint oneself with worldly, universal knowledge or consciousness.

Whether you believe in the healing power of stones or not, we invite you to explore one of nature’s most prized possessions, the Peacock Ore, and get to know the ancient beliefs associated with it.

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